Monday, December 27, 2010

The Halfway Mark

It's official. I have made it to the midway point in my challenge to try 12 different drinks in 12 days. In the process I have spent time writing, which is always a pleasurable activity for me. I swear if I can get kids to love it as much as I do (the writing, not the drinking), I will have accomplished a huge goal!

Anyway, today's beverage called for limeade again. What a versatile little mixer that stuff is. There are quite a few drink recipes in my book that include the use of limeade, and tonight's was a good one. It definitely tastes better than it sounds, which to me screams WHITE TRASH... Beer Limeade. In honor of how the drink's name sounds, I was tempted to forgo the shower today and throw on a pair of sweats but I couldn't.

Beer Limeade

6 oz. can Limeade, thawed
6 oz. beer
6 oz. vodka

Fill blender 3/4 full with ice. Add ingredients. Blend until slushy. Serves 4.

Due to the fact that this is another frozen drink, I would have to say that Beer Limeade would be much more satisfying in the summer months. I was not at all disappointed in this drink. I was a little worried that I would taste the beer too much. Don't get me wrong, I love beer. I just don't really want to be able to taste it mixed with limeade. It's not a drink for those who don't like that tarty sweetness in a drink. It definitely packs a punch, as it has more alcohol than Swinging from the Trees. Mike and I rate it 7.9. I highly recommend serving this at a party due to the novelty of the name itself!

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