Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 7 of 12

Today was by far the easiest prep day with regard to these wonderful concoctions that we have had the pleasure of experiencing. This beverage came as a recommendation from Dale and Joe, the owners of Adirondack Spirits on Main Street in Au Sable Forks. When I made my original trip into town for supplies for this stellar venture, I explained the whole thing to them. Let me tell you, they were all over that! One of the first suggestions that they made was chocolate wine. Chocolate wine? How strange. The idea of red wine and chocolate is not a new one at all, but chocolate wine was completely different. Dale even mentioned that blending it with ice and some banana liqueur would make it taste like a banana split. Hmmm.... I was sold immediately. I decided to hold off on the banana liqueur because at that point my bill was getting pretty hefty.

As I lowered the bottle off the liquor shelf this evening, I was not feeling very confident about the choice at all. I looked closely at the label. "The taste of dutch chocolate and fine red wine." The "taste" of dutch chocolate? That sounded dubious. Did that mean it wasn't real? Knowing I just needed to bite the bullet and try it, I threw some ice cubes into two wine glasses. The screw top didn't show much promise, but I had to follow through.

After a very thick pour, Mike and I clinked glasses and threw them back. YUM! We immediately compared it to Kahlua and milk, but heavy on the Kahlua. Dale and Joe did NOT steer us wrong at all! It was a medium-priced wine at just $11ish for the bottle. Please keep in mind that this probably isn't going to be something you kill off in one evening. It's quite sweet and would probably be best as an after dinner drink unless you cut it with something.

Mike and I would definitely drink this again, but only rate it a 7 due to the sweetness factor. Dessert beverages aren't necessarily our first choices, and this is definitely where this one falls.

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  1. Might be a little too sweet for me. Thanks for the tip, I have a friend that is a red wine/chocaholic and this might the perfect little gift for her.