Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Breathing Again

Well, it's finally here. That time of year we wait all winter long for. That time when we shed all of those winter clothes and let the air actually touch more than our faces. Now don't get me wrong. I love winter and all the fun activities that go along with it, but there's nothing like that feeling you get when you get home from work, throw on a pair of shorts, mix yourself a cocktail, park your rear on the porch and just enjoy the fresh air! Of course it's not all about the cocktails. There are many things about this time of year that I'm extremely grateful for...not having to wear my head lamp when I run at 5:30 in the morning, hanging clothes on the line instead of running the dryer, being able to go for a bike ride, and having my son tell me he's going to go play in the dirt instead of watching tv. It almost feels as though my immediate world is coming alive again. Winter is a very hectic time in my house, and it's nice to feel as though life is slowing down a bit (of course it could also be that blood pressure medication that I went on too).

All of that being said, it's time for the ladies to spend some quality time together. It has been quite a while since the four of us have been together. I do see Jenny at school every day, and I did get to hang out with Sierra for an hour last night, but I haven't seen Lauren since Colorado! Way too long if you ask me. Perhaps we can work something out for this weekend. The Hollywood Theatre opens up again this weekend, so maybe Sierra will have a ladies' night. I'm sure we'll figure something out. We always do.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break Travels

It was definitely my intention to report my travel experiences much sooner than this, but as you continue to read, you'll understand why I have not...

It all started last Thursday. We packed up all our clothes and gear and headed for NSA to pick up our co-travelers. Mike hopped into the driver's seat of the short bus, and Ri, myself and three others joined him for the ride to Albany. It wasn't too bad...only six of us, no problem.

That feeling didn't last too long, as I spent the entire day sitting next to a nine year old boy who hadn't slept the night before because he was so excited. You know how tight those plane seats are. Mike of course was sitting in a different section of the plane enjoying cocktails with Cam. I, on the other hand, got stuck next to some old farmer with no concept of personal space.

Once that leg of the flight was over, we had reached Denver. Finally we had arrived. We spent some time collecting our luggage and going to two different car rental agencies (it would make too much sense to rent both cars from the same company). It was only about an hour and a half drive from Denver to Frisco. I was driving one car with two passengers, and Mike had Ri, who quickly fell asleep in the back seat. Apparently there is quite a difference in elevation between Denver and Frisco, because when we reached our destination and Ri woke up, he immediately started showing signs of altitude sickness. Symptoms? He threw up in the car, and continued to do so on and off for the next 12 hours. After he was finished with that, he slept for longer than I have ever seen him. Needless to say, I was a little worried about him. He has since recovered, and the old Ri is back. I will continue to vent for just a bit longer. I certainly wouldn't want to leave the impression that I'm not enjoying myself.

Here's the last little bit of complaining...

My wonderful family and I are staying in a ten person condominium with 9 other people (sometimes 10). For those of you who have difficulty with math, that's 3 + 9 (sometimes 10) which equals 12-13. Six of those individuals are teenagers and the others are in their twenties. Need I say more? I think I can hang with just about anyone, but I do have my limits. O.K., I'm done now.

I must immediately follow the negative with some serious positive. So I know that I last posted about the whole "absence makes the heart grow fonder" thing, but I did indeed get to see one of the ladies recently. Remember how I told you that Lauren was going to be in Colorado at the same time but that we wouldn't get to see each other? Well she is amazing and managed to figure out the shuttle schedule to get her butt to Copper so that we could spend some time together. It wasn't a bluebird day, but it was awesome nonetheless.

Lauren, always the faithful friend, even carried the beer for us (in the backpack cooler that I borrowed from her for the trip) while we participated in the opening ceremonies.

I think she might have even enjoyed the popularity that is brought about by carrying all the alcohol.

All in all, it was great to take some runs together (we hadn't even gone on a single run together at Whiteface all season).

Since Lauren's departure, I have been busy working for Nationals, but with time to take a few runs in the afternoon and enjoy a little apres ski action.

We only have a few days left here in Colorado, but I'm going to continue to enjoy it as much as possible. In fact, tomorrow when I finish work, I'm going to strap on my board and just go. I'm not going to take anyone with me either!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I'm sorry to say that the Ladies will be apart for a short while. You see, it's spring break time, which usually involves travel for some. Lauren is currently in Colorado trying to boost business for Whiteface, I leave for Colorado (although not near Lauren) tomorrow for Nationals, Sierra leaves for Texas the day I get back and Jenny...wait, Jenny is staying right here at home. She got to do her travel "thang" a month or so ago. Needless to say, it is a sad situation indeed that we will all be apart for so long.

Never fear, faithful followers! I will continue to post whilst on vacation, and I have encouraged the other ladies to take lots of pictures of their respective vacations so that I might write a post on their behalf.

Although saddened at the prospect of leaving friends behind, I am extremely excited for my trip. My son hasn't seen the inside of a plane in six years, and I just can't wait to see the look on his face as we take off! The trip should prove to be quite interesting, as there are twelve of us staying in a ten-person condo. Oh, and did I mention that most of the others that we are housing are teenagers? That's right, teenagers. Not an age group that I am accustomed to at all! Mike is definitely going to have to give me an operational manual in order to survive the week. I'm looking forward to reporting the many stories that will emerge from this experience.