Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 9 of 12

Seriously? I need more supplies for this venture? Once again I visited the kind folks at Adirondack Mountain Spirits on Main Street to get more advice and liquor. Although I do take my mom up on the offer to pick up liquor for me when she visits New Hampshire because it's incredibly cheap, I will always do most of my liquor business right here in town.

Not only is it close, but the owners are fabulous people! They are some of the most helpful and friendly proprietors I have ever met. I told them that I was having a difficult time coming up with new drinks and BLAM! Dale and Joe started thumbing through their bar book for some spectacular ideas. I took a rather nice picture of the two of them in their shop, but my camera ate the image. Bummer.

They suggested several drinks, and I took them up on two of them for the time being. Tonight's drink was one of them.

Silk Panties

3/4 oz. Peach Schnapps
3/4 oz. vodka
1 oz. cranberry juice


Ok. Those are all the directions that I was able to write down in the excitement of all of the drink ideas that were being tossed around the liquor store while my son waited in the car for my "quick" stop. It was not a "quick" stop at all. I walked back out to the car only to see him sitting there with his hands in the air as if to say, "What the hell?" I explained that I really enjoy talking to Dale and Joe, and he let it go without too much complaint. Anyway, I never saw if it was supposed to be a type of martini or a shooter or a shot. Who knew? I poured the concoction into two martini glasses figuring I couldn't go wrong there. Mike and I each took a quick sip to determine how indeed we were supposed to be drinking it. Upon first taste... oooooooh eeeeeeh...SWEET...and girlie. I got a chuckle over Mike participating in this drink that was ANYTHING but masculine. We decided it needed to be slammed, so we did. If you have ever tried a Woo Woo, this is very similar. This is not a drink to be savored, as it's a bit over the top with regard to the sugar content. Is it tasty? Why yes it is. I couldn't handle more than one of these, and if its consumption was a ritualistic part of a bridal shower I wouldn't be surprised. Mike rated it a 5. I give it a 6. It really didn't leave much more of an impression on me other than the fact that tomorrow's drink, being New Year's Eve and all, will be a bit more robust.

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