Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 8 of 12

I have to admit that this goal set forth by Carol is getting increasingly challenging. As I look through the bar book, I am beginning to realize that drinks are just different variations of a classic drink. That makes it a lot less fascinating in my opinion. It's kind of like with food. Take the egg roll for example. Its Tex-Mex equivalent is the chimichanga. The Casarola at Desporados is basically lasagna, but with different ingredients. Sounds silly, I know, but it's something I think about on occasion.

Tonight we went for a shooter. Shooters are not something I drink at all. Sure, sure, I do a shot every now and then, but not without trepidation. It always leads to the following day being very long. The significant variations of martinis that exist are essentially shooters, but you don't drink it all in one fell swoop. Martinis are for sipping. Gosh I love martinis. I'm straying off topic though. Let's get back to the Lemon Drop Shooter, which was tonight's beverage of choice.

Lemon Drop Shooter

3/4 oz. Absolut vodka
1/4 oz. triple sec
Lemon, cut into wedges

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and lemon wedges. Add the vodka, triple sec and lemon wedge. Shake. Strain into a shot glass rimmed with sugar. Serve with a lemon wedge. Serves 1.

Mike went first, as we only own one shot glass. I too find that hard to believe.

His first comment was, "Wow, that's lemony! It's good!" Next was my turn. Yum! All I could do was think about how I needed to adjust the proportions to turn this bad boy into a martini. I wasn't about to continue doing shots! I ended up pouring a 6-count of vodka and a 3-count of triple sec into the same shaker with the lemons that I had used for the shooters. I rimmed a martini glass with sugar and made myself a most delicious lemon drop martini. I know that this isn't an original creation, but I certainly am enjoying it.

Mike gave the shooter a rating of 7. I give it 9, but mostly because I have always been a fan of both lemons and martinis. This could become a ritual for me. I highly recommend trying this. The fresh lemons are fantastic in this drink!

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  1. As a martini, this is a favorite of Kelly's. As a shot or martini, I love it. Thanks. Progress note to follow.