Friday, December 21, 2012

Drifunkmas Hits the Road

Day 6 of Drifunkmas 2012 hit Lake Placid tonight as we enjoyed the first of two nights with Mom and Dad at their timeshare.  Tonight's drink was Holiday Sangria, and boy oh boy was it good.  The recipe called for "a bottle of ginger ale", but it didn't specify what size bottle.  Mom and I had to do a little research, but we finally figured out that it was supposed to be a two litre bottle.  We decided that it would dilute the wine too much, so we went with 2/3 of the 2 litre bottle.  After garnishing the beverage with a slice of star fruit, Mom and I took our first sip.

Hot diggity, it was delicious.  Here are the ratings...

Mom:  10
Dad:  8
Kam:  8.85
Mike:  7.9
Lance:  8
Scott (the non-wine drinker):  10
Vicki:  9.5

Overall, I think the success of this beverage is obvious.  It isn't too sweet, and the nutmeg really mellows out the wine.

Drink #7 is Maple Crown Royal.  I'd serve up the recipe here, but there isn't one.  It's just Maple Crown Royal over ice.  I was ready for something easy.  Some of these are a lot of work.


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