Sunday, March 1, 2009

An Evening with the Ladies

The Ladies of the Adirondacks spent an entertaining evening together last night. We each put our ducks in a row and were granted freedom for an evening out without any kids or spouses, which always leads to alot of laughs.

After a few beverages and a little chow, we headed to our first stop. One of the neighbors was having a very stimulating party. About 20 people gathered together to celebrate one of the greatest aspects of being alive. Plenty of laughs, lots of "wows" and $40 later (at least for me), we headed to our next stop!

I truly believe that no evening out and about is complete without stopping by 20 Main. The place had been shut down for a week and it was open mic night, so it was pretty crowded. Although some people are positively horrified at the thought of stepping in there, it really is a fun place to hang out. The Ladies and I always enjoy listening to the music, even when it's just the juke box. Last night however, had us listening to and providing some live music.

There were a handful of fine looking gentlemen there, but the star of the evening for us was my brother. He played the dutiful token male like a real trooper!

Eventually the evening had to come to a close. Sierra did the slide a little earlier than the rest of us, but we weren't far behind. DD Goddess Lauren earns the golden star for the evening...we all got home safely. Thank you, Lauren!!!

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