Saturday, March 7, 2009

One of those days!

Have you ever had one of those days, or weeks, when nothing seems to be in your favor? Well, I'm having one of those weeks (actually more like two of those weeks).

So my husband decided that this would finally be the year that we should splurge and buy plane tickets for Ri and I to fly out to Nationals with him. Woohoo, you might say. Well, during Mike's last absence for World Cup my car starts hesitating. You know, you press on the gas and it doesn't move until you least expect it. So I take it to Devin's, where I do believe we should have at least one bay dedicated to us, and they give me an estimate of around $600. The exact same cost of the plane tickets we just purchased! After I picked my chin up off the floor, I reminded myself that at least we could afford it. It hurts, but it'll be o.k. All is well you may think, but nooooo. Actually the rest isn't that bad, but when you pile it up on top of playing the single parent for almost two weeks in less than a month, the dog getting hurt and the satellite dish being out of commission for three days while I'm alone with a nine-year old...well, you get the drift.

So in comes the friendship theme that I seem to have going here. Sierra and her sons come up for a visit. Ahhhh. Two of the ladies sitting at the kitchen table drinking beers with their feet up while the three boys keep themselves entertained with the Wii. Pure heaven in my eyes. Later on, Lauren gives me a call, and we discuss the fact that all the crap seems to happen when the husbands are away. It was a fine discussion that made me feel better by the minute.

It wasn't long after Lauren and I said goodbye when the phone rang again. It was Lauren telling me that the cat had a mouse cornered and there was a huge spider on the wall. Now how could I not laugh at that! Two minutes after we hang up, she calls again. Apparently the cat just had the mouse in its mouth when it dropped it and the mouse went scurrying off. Again, how could I not laugh!

My mood has changed tremendously. Friends are good for that.

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  1. Friends are the best sounding boards EVER. I have a select few that I know I can call and vent even about the most ridiculous of things...It sounds like you have girl friends like that as well.

    That is luck--- to have such good friends.