Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spectacular Sunday

Spectacular day today, I really must admit. I woke up at 5 a.m. this morning because my mind was all ready to go for some insane reason. The three of us (Ri, Mike and I) were all headed to the mountain, and I had some prep work to do. You see, doing really fun stuff and not spending any money to do it in places that would otherwise be a ripoff is like a game to me. A challenge you might call it. Why spend $8.00 on a burger that was cooked three hours ago when you can just heat up some homemade chili that tastes WAYYYYYY better??? I know. My point exactly. Well not only did we have the chili (with grated cheese and corn chips to boot), I also made a pitcher of margaritas. That's right...margaritas. With the backpack cooler set to go, we headed out the door.

Once at Whiteface, Mike and Ri headed off to do their NYSEF thing. I was on my own. It wasn't more than two minutes before I got a text from my good friend Pam. She was asking me if I was at the mountain. Hey! I was and so was she, according to her next text. That's pretty much when the real fun started.

I met her and her husband and one of their friends at the Face Lift. We quickly segregated ourselves into our respective genders for the ride up the lift. How liberating that 8 minutes was! Pam and I co-counseled each other like there was no tomorrow. In fact, I think we both rode down the mountain for the sole purpose of getting back on the lift to continue our conversation. Not really the sole purpose, but you see what I'm getting at.

We spent the morning riding together. During our last run before lunch, we took a detour and took and break near the terrain park. It was great to hang out in the sun for a bit watching those incredible kids hit those huge jumps.

After that we headed to the lodge for lunch, and went our separate ways for the afternoon. That's not the end though...not at all. I still had that pitcher of margaritas you know. It ends up that Jenny had been over at Kid's Kampus all day learning how to snowboard! I think that must be cause for celebration (most everything is as far as I'm concerned)! More words at this point would be unnecessary, because I think the pictures say it all....

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