Thursday, December 26, 2013

Oh What fun it is to....

Holy cow.  What a fun day.  As with last year, Mom and Dad decided to use their week at their Lake Placid Club condo.  As with last year, it is fun!  I admit that I have inadvertently targeted my mother.  Hey, she's married to my dad.  She must be able to take it, right?  Today brought my sister, Lance and Trey to the condo.  We didn't laugh...much.  It started well before tonight's shot, but this is what I can report:

Oil Spill

3/4 shot Goldschlager
1/4 shot Jagermeitster (carefully layered atop the Goldschlager)

It was an interesting shot.  I really didn't taste the Jager.  Mom really didn't taste the Goldschlager.

Although she isn't showing a positive response to the Oil Spill, I think, in the long run, she was quite smitten with the alcohol that she consumed. (See evidence below as she and my sister peruse the "Fart App" on her phone)

Clearly, there was plenty of fun (farts) to be had.  Sorry, Mae, you missed out yet again.
She wasn't the only one.  Poison Pineapple was consumed by everyone...I'm just picking on my mother!  Cheers!

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