Sunday, December 29, 2013

Climate Change

After a very relaxing (although Mike had to work) four-day stay with my parents in Lake Placid, we are back home to enjoy the cooler climate of our own humble abode.  They had the thermostat set at 75 degrees.  That's up 10 from the warmest winter days in our house.  I could have napped all day.  Add the amount of food and drink that we consumed, and we had one hell of a challenge on our hands.  Mom and I did manage a refreshing walk around Mirror Lake yesterday that brought us back to the condo with huge smiles on our faces.  Thanks for sharing your vacation, Mom and Dad!

That being said, I decided to take last night off and simply enjoy the drink:

Black Russian

1 1/2 oz. Vodka
1 oz. Kahlua

This one is a shot, or a drink, that many folks are aware of.  I have had it over ice as a sipper.  It was a little different as a shot.  Not bad, just different.

Tonight kind of embodied the other half of what I think of as a White Russian, or is it a Mudslide?  Kind of pitiful that I don't really know, but I don't feel like researching right now.

Lube Job 

3/4 oz. vodka
3/4 oz. Baileys

It was good, but I feel like I'm ready to move on from Baileys and Kahlua at this point.  Perhaps I should consider putting some Tequila or Bourbon into play.   Cheers!

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