Sunday, October 11, 2009

Spontaneity At Its Finest

I was supposed to have prepared pork tenderloin for dinner. It never happened. I guess you could say it all started on Friday after the ballroom dance lesson...Cory, Lauren and I agreed that we were going for a little run on Sunday. Well, we did, and it wasn't long before it turned into an evening at the Hanf's with all of the Serino ladies. My belly hurts. We ate too much. We laughed even more.

Sierra says, "I'm making lasagna. Mom and Autumn are coming and you should come too."

"Let me talk to Mike," I said.

"Sure." Mike said.

Lauren, Cory and I go for our run. I have to mention that Lauren ran quite a bit farther than us. We cheated. It was the head wind. We figured we'd get as much of a workout going for a shorter distance with that incredible head wind. Unfortunately we neglected to tell Lauren. Sorry, Lauren.

When we had all arrived back at Cory and Sierra's, Lauren was all about the lasagna dinner as well. She and I left to go home, tidy ourselves up and gather up some food to contribute to the feast. And feast we did. There was a lovely assortment of fresh veggies with dip, chips with a Buffalo bleu cheese dip, lasagna, salad, garlic bread and apple pie. The teamwork was truly impressive.
We ate until we were stuffed, then the entertainment began. It turned into "Look What I Can Do" night very quickly. Mike can bend his hand all the way back to his arm. Autumn can do a toad neck type thing that makes you want to pee your pants. Sierra can bend her fingers at the 1st (or is it 3rd?) knuckle. Briar can turn her eyelids inside out.

I tried to get a nice, relatively serious picture of the Serino ladies, but didn't have much luck.

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