Saturday, November 14, 2009

Who'd a Thunk It?

I haven't written any posts in a few weeks, but last night was definitely blog-worthy. Lauren decided that the Ladies needed to get together since it had been at least a month since we had all been in the same room together. After much indecision about where to go, we ended up at the North Country Club in Keeseville. We had a delightful meal at the bar, then headed to 20 to meet up with the boys. It was pretty slow in there last night, so we didn't stay too long. Sierra took her boys home from the movie, and Lauren, Gar and I headed to my house for some more socializing. I don't know how it started, but Lauren and Mike were talking guitars. Lauren was talking about how she used to play guitar, but hadn't done so in many years, complaining that her guitar's action is too high. Mike, ever the accomodating man, disappears and comes back with his electric guitar for her to try out. What does Lauren do? She starts playing a beautiful, albeit rusty, rendition of Black Bird! I was stunned! I never knew that Lauren could play the guitar so well.

She worked with Mike on his acoustic to teach him the melody. He picked it up in no time, and then it was time for him to show her a song that we had been working on before the evening started. Before you know it, Mike and Lauren are playing guitar while Gar and I sang! We had a blast! I do believe we should do that more often!

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