Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Latest Adventure

The Ladies went on another adventure. This time...A BALLROOM DANCE LESSON!!! We managed to convince our husbands to join us in a ballroom dance lesson! I still can't believe we did it, and holy cow, that was fun!

We knew that we would have to start the evening off with a bite to eat and a refreshing beverage, and Lauren suggested we hit R.F. Macdougall's (not sure if the spelling is right on that one). The food there was quite tasty, but we did have to wait quite a while for it. It didn't matter though, because we still managed to get to our lesson on time.

We headed to the Amos and Julia Ward Theater in Jay where the lesson was to be held. We walked in at exactly 7:00 only to discover that the instructor had not yet arrived. You can only imagine the look of relief on the men's faces when they heard that!

Their expressions didn't last long though, because only moments later our dance instructor Ray arrived armed with soft leather shoes and a boom box. Oh yeah, bring it!

I managed to get the gentlemen together for a nice shot...

Oh yeah, look at them appearing so confident. They were ready to take on the world! Well, Ray kicked things off with the Rhumba. We all practiced the step in a line for a short while before we attempted it with our partners.

The laughter quickly ensued! I'm telling you right now...get a group of friends together and go try it.

It didn't take us long before we were switching partners every so often....

At some point, the Hanfs decided they had had enough, and did the slide. It wasn't long after we discovered they were gone that we realized we had worked up a powerful thirst. Hard to imagine, but our muscles were actually feeling it. We headed to 20 and found the Hanfs already quenching their thirst.

It was a very fun evening, and The Ladies highly recommend trying it for yourselves.

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  1. hey there, I'm an old friend of Briar Serino ! i lost her info -
    my name is Zach - I'm trying to get in touch with her to let her know I'm headed to the ADKS! can you pass her my email ?
    thank you !!!