Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Overnighter

What a fabulous weekend this was!!! It all started out Friday with a hot date with my husband. After what seems like a year at least, we finally had a sitter come when we didn't have any obligations. Finally the opportunity to go out just for us. We headed for Plattsburgh and had some spectacular food at Anthony's Bistro. A great place to go when you want to raise the bar a little bit.

Last night was a completely different scenario. It was an overnight girls' night out in Burlington. Fun? Hell yes! Lauren picked me up at my house, then we headed to Sierra's before our lovely trip across the lake. We checked in to our hotel which was, to our entertainment, full of Shriners! Picture a hotel lobby with the infamous continental breakfast dining area with about 100 people in their 60's swilling beer. Now those people are seasoned! They were all so friendly! I have to admit that it would have been easy to imagine that they were all there in anticipation of our arrival. I mean the metal drivable camel that was in the parking lot, the Shriner party hats with the tassels and all of that bright red was more than I could have asked for.

Once we laughed our way across the lobby, we hit our room. Nice job with the reservation, Mike. It was a great room with a lovely spot to make martinis.

We enjoyed some snacks and a beverage before we headed out to try to find some new duds for our night out. We weren't very successful, but had quite a bit of fun in the process.

We enjoyed some silly shopping for a bit before we headed to the Burlington ferry dock to meet Briar. She had to work, and couldn't make it over when we were, so she did the walk-on thing. We quickly headed back to the hotel to get ourselves ready to hit the town. So many decisions. Clothes were being traded, make-up lessons were given...definitely girl stuff. Briar had the very tough decision of which shoes to wear, as you can see below.

Once we could officially declare ourselves beautiful, we made the decision of where to eat. We settled on American Flatbread. We arrived at our destination only to discover that there was a one hour and forty-five minute wait. No way! We needed food sooner than that. We walked out the door and were extremely lucky to find this place two doors down....

The place was absolutely awesome. We would all recommend it highly. Not only was the food incredible, it was really inexpensive too. Chicken Satay for $8. I didn't think of taking a picture of my plate before I had started to chow, but I think you get the idea.

With our hunger satiated, we were able to make a decision about where to go next. It didn't take us long to decide on Red Square. We got our drinks and headed outside to listen to a great blues band. It was getting chilly out, so we thought we'd head in to see what the scene was like in there. We ended up having perfect timing and managed to score one of the power booths at the back bar. It was prime people watching to be sure.

Briar even narrowly escaped a wardrobe malfunction!

It was a great place to enjoy each other's company, have a few laughs and check out the latest fashions in Burlington. Definitely different from those in our neck of the woods. We enjoyed ourselves so much there, that we never went anywhere else.

As we left Red Square, we decided that a snack was in order. What's that? You want to stop and get gravy fries from Nectar's? I'm in! Unfortunately I was not under the guidance of Lauren at that time, and ordered way too many fries. We brought them back to the hotel room and did our best to put a dent in them.

With our bellies full once again, we were ready for some serious sleep. We got a few hours in, and met in the lobby the next morning for our free breakfast. We spent the morning shopping more, then finished up our adventure at Three Tomatoes for lunch. We would recommend this place as well (no pictures though).

There's another thing that we would recommend...spending an overnight in Burlington with a few ladies.

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