Monday, March 28, 2011

Old Friends: Why they should NOT be left behind

This past weekend was a weekend to be remembered and appreciated. You know those experiences that you have that make you just think, "I need to spend more time...." This statement could end with something like "reading" or "exercising," but for me this weekend it was "reconnecting with old friends". This weekend Mike and I reconnected with a couple that we haven't hung out with in at least 15 years. I really don't believe that I'm exaggerating with that number either.

Meet Corey and Kristen Pandolph...

You see, Corey is kind of a "big deal". He's a syndicated cartoonist. He started out as a Saranac Lake local. Need I say more? Mike, Corey and I all met in our early to late 20's when we worked at The Mirror Lake Inn. Ahh... those were the days. Anyway, the Beer Run Association was in desperate need of a logo for the Beer Run Association's 1st Annual 5k Fun Run to benefit ALS. Corey was willing to do it for a few beers.

After many failed attempts to meet, it finally worked out this weekend (Corey, please note that I did not mention any stars that might be in alignment). Corey and Kristen were meeting us at 20 for the big reunion and to see how his creative mind had met with my own vision. I believe I told him to picture a full mug of beer running toward a finish line wearing nothing but a cheesy head band and a smile. I think he got it about right.

What was the most amazing part of this whole weekend was the instant reconnection that Mike and I felt to people we hadn't seen in so long. I'm sure that collectively we have been through more than any one of us could possibly process in a single sitting, yet we are still the same people. Full of jokes, laughs and a desire to have a good time. Thank you, Corey and Kristen for your willingness to reconnect. We can't wait to see you again!

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  1. Awww...can't wait to see you again as well! What a nice post, AND you write just like you speak.