Saturday, March 12, 2011

Greenhouse Grand Opening

I never realized how much I needed a day like today. It was fabulous. There is no other word for it. Here's a little background information...

Somehow, at some time, The Wiswells and the Kirchners had a conversation about gardens. Dave and Jean live in the Acres on land that is not necessarily receptive to gardens. We, on the other hand, live on very fertile farm soil. We decided that sharing is fun. Heck ya! Let's share a garden!

That leads me to today. Jean and Dave have a fabulous greenhouse and today was the day for the grand opening for the season. Jean took the day off from Whiteface and I headed over with my seeds just after lunch. I walked into the greenhouse and thought I was in heaven. It was a balmy 60 degrees in there and Jean had all the soil and containers one could possibly need. That wasn't all though. There was a place for each one of us to sit in front of a counter where we could comfortably plant and label. Oh, did I mention the snacks? Jean had beer, wine, cheese, grapes, carrots, crackers and brownies.

I SOOOO needed an afternoon of chit-chatting with the ladies, thinking of nothing but the silly conversation at that moment and putting seeds in the soil.

Thank you, Jean!

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