Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 12 of 12: Goal Mastered

Tonight's beverage is an interesting one indeed. I went from the raunchiness of A Big Pink Dink yesterday to the down-home goodness of a drink called Apple Sauce today.

Apple Sauce

1 oz. spiced rum
3 oz. apple sauce
4 oz. sour mix
1/4 oz. triple sec

Place 12 oz. ice in a blender. Add ingredients. Blend until smooth.
Sour mix: Bring one cup of water to a boil. Put heat on low. Stir in one cup sugar and stir until sugar dissolves. Cool. Add 1/3 cup lemon juice and 1/3 cup lime juice.

Wow! Delicious! This drink would make the most wonderful dessert drink. Although I have felt that the other frozen drinks that we've tried were meant for the warmer months, this one would be fabulous any time of the year. It is a very creamy, sweet drink that tastes more like apple pie than apple sauce, which is why it would make such a spectacular dessert drink. In our family, a big chunk of cheddar cheese is the perfect accompaniment for apple pie. The same held true for this glass of pure yumminess... great with a slab of cheddar to nibble on between sips.

Mike rated this drink an 8, while I gave it a 9 because of it's uniqueness. I highly recommend this drink, especially if you're entertaining, and we'll definitely have this one again.

It has been fun achieving this goal of my Individualized Entertainment Plan. As with any IEP goal, it was necessary to monitor and adjust accordingly. I enthusiastically conquered this goal and do not believe that there will be any regression. We should all have Individualized Entertainment Plans. I know that Alison, author of the Along the Au Sable blog has a plan for 2011 to focus on developing her friendships with those in the community. That is a wonderful goal indeed. We all set them and hopefully we achieve them. As with any IEP, it is ever evolving depending on the current needs of the individual. Throughout the year she and many others including myself will add and remove goals as necessary.

With my goal achieved, I feel that I need to give some kudos where kudos are due. Although I found my Any Bitch Can Drink bar book handy, was easier as far as looking things up based on the base liquor, type of drink, etc. I liked the site so much that I've added a link to it in the upper right corner.

I also need to give kudos to my friend and coworker, Carol. She's a fabulous person who shares my enthusiasm for laughing, friendships and fun.

Kudos also go to my husband. Mike has been a supportive and enthusiastic participant throughout, although I don't believe that he had to put forth too much effort at all.

It's time for a new goal. I'll be giving that some careful consideration and get back to you.


  1. another goal that goes along with strengthening my relationships with those in the community, is to participate in one of your beer runs this year! cheers!