Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Tradition

You know, I remember what Halloween was like as a kid so well. All that hype! For weeks ahead of time friends would talk about all of the candy that they usually got. Not me though. We lived out in the middle of nowhere and Mom and Dad only went to houses of those we knew. That involved more driving than any normal parent would want to do, so inevitably we only hit 5-10 houses. No help needed carrying those bags of candy, believe me.

Ri is lucky. Ever since the Hanfs moved into town, and I do mean town, Ri has had a real neighborhood to trick-or-treat in. Every year we head down to their house. The adults hang out, enjoy a few drinks, eat dinner and hand out candy. The boys get to hit as many houses as humanly possible while we just relax. This year was no different. Sierra whipped up some tuna noodle casserole and a salad, and I brought down some chicken noodle soup and homemade bread.

Armed with a full pot of candy, it was time for the kids to start showing up. The first ones showed up pretty early... 4:30! Sky was all over it.

After that, Sky was trying to figure out the fake blood thing and Cory helped River with his mad scientist hair.

Eventually the kids came back from hitting all of the houses in the immediate neighborhood for some chow.

After that they hit Palmer Street... a considerable hike to get there. Needless to say Ri returned exhausted, but with 106 pieces of candy!

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