Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Lengthy Hiatus

I will start this post by apologizing to my (2-3) followers for neglecting my writing. Why, you ask? No clue really. I think I've just been so friggin' busy that when I do get a chance to sit down and veg, I do just that. I sit down and veg. I have not posted on this blog since the day after Black Friday. That's like what? 3 months? Yup. I'm a loser. I think that as far as my mental stability is concerned, blogging is quite beneficial. You know, it gets all that stuff out of my head that I really want to talk about, but don't really want to bore someone with during a conversation. Reading it is different. You can take a break from reading, or just stop altogether and not appear rude because I can't see you doing it.

Due to my lengthy absence, I must admit that I feel the need to recap the last three months. Hmmm...where to start. Well, December started out quite nicely. My parents came up with the brilliant idea to just forget about the adult gift exchange for Christmas, and just rent a limo and go out for a spectacular dinner. O.K., count us in!
Mike and I got our finest duds on and joined the family in a fabulous limo ride to Anthony's in Plattsburgh. It was a very special and memorable evening.

Only two short days later, Mike headed for Telluride to play his role in a World Cup event. He was gone for two weeks. Now I realize that there are many wives who would cherish two weeks without their husbands, but not me. I really like my husband alot, and enjoy spending time with him. He has, over the years, done all he can to be a 50% husband. The down-side of this however, is that when he is gone, I feel like I have to do twice as much. Actually, I do have to do twice as much, but I think many wives are used to this and it doesn't affect their workloads if the other half is in absentia.

Shortly after Mike's return, it was time for the holidays. Mike, Ri and I had a wonderful Christmas morning at the house with the obligatory huge breakfast. Very pleasant indeed. The afternoon's festivities were a change from tradition. I only wish that I had taken pictures that day, because it was fantastic. The Kirchners and all of the local Serinos descended upon Susan Serino's house for some serious hor d'oeuvres and cocktails prior to a private showing at the Hollywood Theatre of The Hangover. It was a highly entertaining evening with substantial laughter.

Ok, that brings us to 2010. It was time for another new experience in the Kirchner household. Derek DiCastro... Derek is a 19 year-old who is truly an enigma. He is an extremely talented snowboarder from Rome, NY who is someone who makes you want to do anything to help him succeed. That being said, Mike and I have welcomed him into our home to provide him with an opportunity to be more successful in his endeavors. He isn't here very often, as he has a "smokin' hot" girlfriend back home that he likes to visit often, and he is competing in the Revolution Tour stops in the hopes of becoming a World Cup athelete.

Now where are we? Looks like we have hit the present. What's going on now? Well, alot of USASA events, lots of trips to Whiteface, work,and basically surviving winter. One of the activities that I have really focused on this winter has been exercise. I joined the gym in the Forks in December, and it has provided me with added opportunity for exercise. For years now, I really have limited myself to running as far as exercise is concerned. The gym has really prompted me to do more cross-training. It's amazing how out-of-shape you can feel doing a different type of exercise than you're used to.

One of the latest types of exercise that I have had the opportunity to experience is Zumba. Holy crap that is fun! Only if you like dancing though, and I love to dance. I think women love how empowering it is. It's like going out dancing in a club, but without all the other BS that goes with it. The ladies get to shake their groove thing to some smokin' hot Latin music without feeling self-concious.

The only other exciting thing that I have failed to report is my recent birthday celebration. Mike arranged a "Birthday in the Forks" for me, and the evening was spent with some very special people. We started out at the local pizza joint. Definitely not even close to the best experience, but it did not prevent us from having a fantastic evening.

Some of my favorite guys were there...

So anyway, things have been going quite well. I have continued to have great fun with friends. That will never change.

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