Friday, July 31, 2009

A New Generation of Ladies of the Adirondacks

In my humble opinion, one of the finest traditions that The Ladies of the Adirondacks have is Thursday Beach Day (a.k.a. Ladies' Day at the Beach). Every Thursday afternoon all of the Ladies pack up towels, blankets, trashy magazines, books, food, beverages and kids (if we have them), and head to Wilmington Beach. It isn't exclusively women, but it generally ends up being that way. Sierra's husband works the theater on Thursdays to set up the incoming film for Friday, it's my husband's golf night and Lauren's husband is usually guiding a fishing trip. Jenny's husband ends up staying away because there aren't any other men with us. Even if the gentlemen do stop by, they don't stay for long. Perhaps they're intimidated. At least that's what I like to think. Never underestimate the power of a woman and all that stuff.

Our Thursday group continues to grow over the weeks, and we always have fun sharing words of wisdom and opinions. It is during this time that our children frolic freely with little interference from us mothers. This would not be at all possible without the presence of two wonderful young ladies. Meet Caitlin and Samantha....

These two beautiful ladies are the lifeguards at the beach. We are lucky enough every week to park our beach gear within five feet of the lifeguard chair. This, in turn, provides Caitlin and Sam with an infinite amount of entertainment. They are within earshot of all of our conversations, which allows them to participate in group discussions or at least laugh at them, which tends to be the norm, especially for Sam. We don't mind them listening in. Our discussions are generally "clean", and could be considered useful to the next generation of Ladies. They even like to pick on us, claiming that they hear thunder on a blue sky day. We do offer our support though, and cheer them on when they reprimand someone for hanging on the rope or if they yell loud enough to be heard from the raft. These ladies deserve kudos for making sure that kids and adults alike are kept safe. They even provide kids with beach toys if necessary. What beach does that? So Caitlin and Sam...the Ladies of the Adirondacks raise their glasses to you. Thank you so much for all that you do!!

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