Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stage 1

I am very happy to announce that Stage 1 of the Beer Run Trifecta was a huge success! Although the pre-run picture below only shows four of us, we had one late arrival who quickly joined in.

We enjoyed a few laughs and some pep talks prior to the start, then we all took off at our own paces. I discovered that Jason runs at a nice pace, and for the first time ever in my running history, I was able to enjoy some conversation while running. I have to say it was rather nice. It totally takes your mind off the run, if only for a brief few seconds.

It didn't take too long before we had all reached our destination. We quickly grabbed some cold beers and shared some stories of our respective runs. We all agreed that we could have done without the exfoliating scrub we received from the windswept sand, but it didn't take too many beers to forget about that!

I am hereby recommending participation in the next stage of the Beer Run Trifecta which will take place sometime in mid-July. Check back for more information. Oh...I almost forgot to send a shout out to our support vehicle driver, Rich Garfield! Thanks, Gar!

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